Chambray Dreams Scarf


Kiiiiinda obsessed with this one. Actually, no, I'm not even just kinda obsessed, I'm all in, 110% OBSESSED. The scarf is SO soft, you'll literally just want to nuzzle your face in it all day. The chambray color is great for a neutral go with anything color, kinda just like well, chambray is. The quality is amazing, and my FAVORITE part is the size! It's a triangle shape and makes me think of a traditional blanket scarf cut in half across the diagonal. For me I LOVE this size because it's not a crazy ton of material like a traditional blanket scarf, but you still get the look of a blanket scarf. You could pair this with literally just about anything and everything, but I love how it took my super plain, super basic, black on black look and gave it a pop and some personality! Oh, and you can totally wear it as a wrap too!